Raising awareness.

Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with autism. 
There is no cure for this complex developmental disability that affects 1 in 68 children. But there is effective treatment.

Since 2001 Bermuda Autism Support & Education (BASE) has been dedicated to providing autism-related information, referral, advocacy, training, and support to families, professionals, and community members.  

By increasing public awareness of autism, we help to ensure that individuals on the autism spectrum are given opportunities and resources to achieve their full potential.


Mel Dupres is a Homeopath with 18 years experience who is doing a study on Autism in Bermuda. Homeopathic Medicine has been documented to change the lives of Autism sufferers through:

 • Advancement in speech and communication
 • Reduction in tics and OCD behaviour
 • Improvement in eating  and bowel habits
 • Lessened  infections
 • Reduction in rage
 • General increase in well-being

She is inviting eight participants and their families to partake in the study and embrace an opportunity to gain a better quality of life, less time spent under medical investigation and freedom from symptoms which may disturb the flow of life.



Parent Workshop

Click Flyer to view / Download .pdf

Click Flyer to view / Download .pdf