Homeopathic Autism Study

Is Autism Spectrum Disorder affecting your child and the life of your family members?   

Mel Dupres is a Homeopath with 18 years experience who is doing a study on Autism in Bermuda. 

Homeopathic Medicine has been documented to change the lives of Autism sufferers through:

  • Advancement in speech and communication
  • Reduction in tics and OCD behaviour
  • Improvement in eating  and bowel habits
  • Lessened  infections
  • Reduction in rage
  • General increase in well-being 

No one child diagnosed with Autism is the same, therefore each case is considered individually and the changes, improvements, and level of healing is unique to the severity of the symptoms and the child's circumstances.

Mel Dupres is inviting eight participants and their families to partake in this offer and embrace an opportunity to gain a better quality of life, less time spent under medical investigation and freedom from symptoms which may disturb the flow of life.

What the Study involves:

  • Commitment
  • Attending 3 appointments; initial consultation (1 hour) and 2 follow-up appointments (30 mins).   
  • Taking the remedies as prescribed
  • Observing and recording changes.

There will be no charge for the consultations, there will be a charge for the medicine, $30-45.   There should be significant improvement in the first 3 sessions, however if subsequent appointments are necessary there will be a charge.

The study will start October 2016. If you are interested in taking part, please contact Mel Dupres at meldupres@yahoo.co.uk