Bermuda Autism Support and Education Society (BASE) is a community-based, nonprofit organisation that provides autism related information, referral, advocacy, training, and support to families, professionals, and community members. BASE strives to increase public awareness of autism and help to ensure that individuals on the autism spectrum are given opportunities and resources to achieve their full potential.

Our History

BASE was formed in February 2001 by a group of parents who felt that more information and education about autism was needed on the island so that their children would be able to receive the services they needed. We began with 20 members, comprised mainly of parents and caregivers and now have a membership, which includes educational and health professionals. BASE was granted charity status in March 2001 and has since received indefinite charity status.

We join the USA and UK in celebrating April as Autism Awareness Month and do a large promotion and fundraising effort during the month of April.

BASE is a member of the Autism Society of AmericaThe Geneva Centre for Autism in Canada, and the National Autistic Society in the UK. Membership in these organisations helps to keep BASE up to date on new information.