"B"SMART Development Centre
Phone: (441) 295-6909  

Many programmes, activities and clubs run through BSMART Development Centre. Some of these programmes take place during the week and others take place on Saturdays. The after-school programme is based on the principles of S.M.A.R.T. and addresses many of the physiological and neurological deficits that may impede learning. The SMART programme applies brain stimulation techniques that help to produce high levels of physiological readiness for early academic success. For a detailed description of the S.M.A.R.T. programme visit their website.

On Saturdays, among the other programmes offered, is a one-hour S.M.A.R.T. programme for 4-8 year olds. This programme goes through a lot of the basics of the SMART programme using many of the same activities as the after school programme. Programmes are not for children who have large deficits. Classes are group oriented and involve the ability to work independently.


Tomorrow's Voices
Bermuda Autism Early Intervention Centre

155 South Road, Smiths, HS 01
Tel: 441-297-4342 
Fax: 441-297-2342

Bermuda’s first and only Early Intervention Centre. Tomorrow’s Voices provides cutting edge, and evidenced based excellence in their services of youth with Autism Spectrum disorders and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders in Bermuda. Tomorrow’s Voices provides researched based behavioral interventions in accordance with those that have been referenced by the National Autism Center as best practices for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. They employ a variety of therapies and methodologies that have a foundation in solid empirical research. They provide centre-based intensive academic and behavioral therapy, support and consultation in homes and schools, social skills groups, parent support groups, weekend respite, and professional development training for teachers, parents and other allied health profession.


Online Educational Services

Rethink Autism
Rethink autism places at your fingertips teaching tools that have never before been available at a price you can afford, on a schedule you can manage, and at a quality that you can trust. For a minimal monthly fee, you will have access to comprehensive assessment tools, web-based teaching tutorials, hundreds of video images of teaching interactions, and teaching objectives, all of which will allow you to start working with your child right now. Our support program and data-tracking system will guide you as you and your child progress through the program.

Education City!
Education City is an online teaching and learning resource. They provide fun educational games in the form of online activities for children and interactive whiteboard activities for teachers.

Hiyah.net: Free Educational Software for Children
Free educational software for children 18 months to 4 years of age (or higher for children struggling with language delays due to autism or other causes). 

Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc.
Educational software for individuals on the autism spectrum. Monarch Teaching Technologies is the maker of VizZle, an innovative web-based learning system that lets you create and share visual lessons.

Neuropath Learning
Neuropath Learning creates web-based, real world educational programmes for children with autism. The programs offer cognitive learning activities that pair visual and auditory stimulus. Children with autism who have used our programs have improved in social communication, expressive and receptive language, reading, and focus.