Autism Spectrum Disorder: Missouri Best Practice Guidelines for Screening, Diagnosis, and Assessment (2010)
These Guidelines provide recommendations, guidance, and information about current best practice in screening, diagnostic, and assessment services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (164 pages).

Effective Educational Practices for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
A Resource Guide, 2007
This resource guide is designed to support educators in planning and implementing effective educational programs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). It contains information, strategies, and practices that can be put to use in the school and the classroom. It also includes a collection of sample materials reflecting current practices in schools, as well as lists of references and resources for further reading.

Paula Kluth
This website is dedicated to promoting inclusive schooling and exploring positive ways of supporting students with autism and other disabilities. Paula’s work involves collaborating with schools to create environments, lessons, and experiences that are inclusive, respectful, and accessible for all learners.  In this web space you will find articles, web links, and resources that can be used to inspire positive change in schools and communities.

The National Autistic Society
The National Autistic Society publication Autism spectrum disorders: A resource pack for staff will be useful for any member of staff working in an education setting (43 pages).